Snack bags

Snack Pack | Orange Crisps

Our orange crisps is the product that started it all! Pairs perfectly with salsa, ceviche, salad, hu..


Snack Pack | Pineapple Crisps

Our signature pineapple crisps are Dardimans’ number one selling product. The chip-like texture is c..


Snack Pack | Blood Orange Crisps

Our blood orange crisps are a perfect balance of toasty, sweet, and bitter. They pair incredibly wel..


Snack Pack | Mandarin Crisps

Our mandarin crisps are our most popular citrus product. Crispers love pairing them with salad, choc..


Snack Pack | Strawberry Crisps

Our strawberry crisps are arguably even more flavorful than fresh ( to think that was possible!) , d..


Snack Pack | Lemon Crisps

Lemon crisps are our most tart crisp. Toss them in your water or tea to infuse some flavor and add a..


Snack Pack | Grapefruit Crisps

This snack is dedicated to those fruit lovers who adore that signature bittersweet flavor only grape..


Snack Pack | Apple Crisps

Apple crisps are a perfect healthy alternative to sweets. Their granny smith tartness is a pleasant ..


Snack Pack | Pear Slices Out Of Stock

Snack Pack | Pear Slices

Our pears slices are defined by their rich flavor and aroma. They tend to be a bit chewier than our ..


Snack Pack | Peach Slices Out Of Stock

Snack Pack | Peach Slices

These slices are dedicated to the traditional dried fruit lover. Our peach slices maintain the fruit..


Snack Pack | Persimmon Slices Out Of Stock

Snack Pack | Persimmon Slices

Nothing but the fruit! Most people love our dried persimmon more so than the fresh fruit itself! Our..


Snack Pack | Tomato Crisps Out Of Stock

Snack Pack | Tomato Crisps

Our tomato crisps are aromatic and flavorful and can act as the perfect healthy alternative to tradi..