Tequila. Tequila. Tequila. You can never go wrong with some Tequila.

To celebrate a great weekend in San Francisco after the Fancy Food Show, we toasted with Dardimans California Lemon Crisps, Nutmeg and Tequila.Dardimans Lemon Crisps are tart like sour candy, but surprisingly not bitter! They can be eaten as a snack (for those daring), used as a compliment to cheese or incorporated into desserts. 

Why is dehydrating the best way to preserve a lemon?

Lemons are magical. Lemons contain high levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin P, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, and fiber, and have been used for their medicinal purposes throughout history. Lemons have health benefits that include treatment of throat infection, fever, internal bleeding, burns, and high blood pressure. 

Protein Balls Are In and They’re _ Awesome

Protein balls are my favorite kind of between-breakfast-and-lunch meal. I say meal because two of these babies can rack up a great deal of (awesome) calories. Protein balls are delicious and packed with nutrients. They are easy to make and super convenient for travel, office and driving. I love making them because there really is no recipe. 

Kids Run Up to Dardimans California Fruit Crisps!

We all know children are notorious for being picky eaters. Having healthy snacks they actually want to eat and even look at is challenging. Even those of us who are health conscious, find ourselves craving a savory crunch, one that unfortunately comes with added mystery chemical dust or a scarily long list of ingredients. 

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