Crispy Kiwi Slices | Gift

Dardimans' kiwis are exclusively picked from California orchards. A dynamo of a fruit in beauty and ..


Crispy Orange Slices | Gift

Our orange crisps are what started it all! A staple of our beautiful California, our California or..


Crispy Blood Orange Slices | Gift

Dardimans' blood oranges are hand-picked exclusively from California orchards. There's someth..


Crispy Mandarin Slices | Gift

Dardimans' mandarins are hand-picked exclusively from California orchards. Enticingly sweet, ..


Crispy Lemon Slices | Gift

The tartest crisps in our selection, our California Lemon crisps are a natural pick-me-up. Packe..


Crispy Grapefruit Slices | Gift

These crispy slices are dedicated to those fruit lovers who adore that signature bittersweet flavo..


Crispy Pineapple Slices | Gift

Crowned king of fruits, Dardimans' pineapples capture a golden hue and tropical sweetness in tiny,..


Crispy Apple Slices | Gift

Dardimans' apples are hand-picked exclusively from California orchards. Right off the tree, w..


Chewy Pear Slices | Gift

Our pears slices are distinct by their rich flavor and immediate appeal to your senses. These slic..


Chewy Peach Slices | Gift Out Of Stock

Chewy Peach Slices | Gift

These slices are the epitome of a true dried fruit! These hearty and flavor peach slices main..


Chewy Persimmon Slices | Gift

Nothing but the fruit! Most people love our dried persimmon more so than the fresh fruit itself! W..

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Crispy Strawberry Slices | Gift

Dardimans' strawberries are hand-picked exclusively from California orchards. A simple berry evolv..


Crispy Tomato Slices | Gift

Dardimans' tomatoes are hand-picked exclusively from California orchards. Deeply inhale.Enjoy on i..