Crisping began around our own kitchen table. With the unmatched quality and flavor of California citrus readily available in our backyard, we were inspired to create a specialty item with one purpose in mind – to turn Californian fruits into crunchy, nutritious and delightful slices.

California’s seasonal market drives our trade. With the exception of Hawaiian pineapple, we personally select each batch of fresh fruit from local growers. We then thinly slice, dry and hand pack only the finest selection of crisps.

Our process of dehydration is quite different from those of freeze-drying and sun-drying, as we are able to retain the fruit’s vitamins, earthly colors and natural flavors without the use of any added sugars or preservatives.

Several seasons of fine-tuning and barrels of fruit later, Dardimans California has perfected the craft of fine snacking.