Chewy Peach - HALF slices
Chewy Peach - HALF slices Chewy Peach - HALF slices

NOTE: This particular batch is HALVES and INCOMPLETE slices.
Halves and incomplete slices, but that absolutely does not take away from their flavor, chewy goodness and aroma. Use them for your cheese boards, end of the summer peach cocktails or just for a heartwarming snack!
These slices are the epitome of a true dried fruit!
These hearty and flavor peach slices maintain the fruit’s aromatic scent and flavor with nothing added. They are chewier than our crispy slices. Just like fresh fruit, slices may have imperfections such as discoloration, seeds, bitterness, and may slightly vary in sweetness. Packages may contain imperfect slices.

Foodservice / catering package:

- 6oz bag

- Shelf life: 24 months

***Not for re-sale or for repacking, only for in-house garnish use/application***

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Chewy Peach - HALF slices

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