Orange Crisps

Our orange crisps are what started it all! They pair perfectly with salsa, ceviche, salad, hummu..


Blood Orange Crisps

Our California blood orange crisps are a perfect balance of toasty and bitter-sweetness. With noth..


Mandarin Crisps

Our sweet Californian mandarin crisps are the most popular citrus slices! The natural sweetness ..


Lemon Crisps

The tartest crisps in our selection, our California Lemon crisps are a natural pick-me-up. Packe..


Grapefruit Crisps

These crispy slices are dedicated to those fruit lovers who adore that signature bittersweet flavo..


Pineapple Crisps

Our signature pineapple crisps are Dardimans’ most popular item! The crunchy satisfaction is compl..


Apple Crisps

Like biting into a fresh and cool apple, packed with the flavor of a Granny Smith green apple! The..


Pear Slices

Our pears slices are distinct by their rich flavor and immediate appeal to your senses. We try to ..


Peach Slices Out Of Stock

Peach Slices

These slices are the epitome of a true dried fruit! We try to have this seasonal favorite availabl..


Persimmon Slices

Nothing but the fruit! Most people love our dried persimmon more so than the fresh fruit itself! W..

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Strawberry Crisps

Our strawberry crisps are almost (some say even more) flavorful than fresh strawberries! Deliverin..


Tomato Crisps

Our tomato crisps are aromatic and flavorful and are the perfect healthy alternative to traditiona..