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Our orange crisps are what started it all! A staple of our beautiful California, our California ora..
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Dardimans Fine Snacks

Crisping began around our own kitchen table. With the unmatched quality and flavor of California citrus readily available in our backyard, our team (aka family) dehydrated our first batch of fruit at home, taking oranges from our own orange tree. Today, California’s abundant fruit seasons drive our trade. With the exception of Hawaiian pineapple, we personally select each batch of fresh fruit from local California growers, and turn them into crunchy, nutritious and delightful slices.

By maintaining the integrity of a fresh fruit in its color, aroma, flavor and composition, our fruit crisps are as close to the fresh fruit as possible. There are no added sugars or preservatives that are involved in our very simple process.

Just like fresh fruit, slices may have imperfections such as discoloration, seeds and varying sweetness. We also know that the heart of a fruit's vitamin content is in the rind, and that’s why it's left on.

Enjoy our fruits as a snack, or compliment dips, cheeses, salads, desserts and beverages.

Moreover, with a lack of options between fresh fruit snacks and all other “fruit-based” snacks on the shelves, we are proud to distinguish ourselves as a close second to fresh fruit, allowing our fans to bypass some of the artificially flavored and heavily processed options. We believe we can extend California’s golden standard of produce to all corners of the world, but most importantly where people would love a chips-like crunch in a fruit, that’s especially from California.

Dry, crispy and snap-able, these slices are thinly sliced from the freshest of California fruits and simply dehydrated. Some of the fruits are also coated in Belgian chocolate for the perfect sweet and citrus pairing. 

Advantages of Dardimans Products

Product quality and customer satisfaction and trust are our top priority. Our production is certified through government and private industry standards. All processes undergo audits at least annually.

Our first and foremost most important, and only ingredient in most of our products, is fresh fruit. We source from responsible and reputable growers to ensure we have the best quality for our needs, while also learning about their practices and how we can contribute in return to the agricultural industry. Often, we are able to turn crispy tons of fresh fruit that was over-picked or rejected by major retailers.

Chocolate crisps are produced with high-quality chocolate that contains top-grade cocoa.

Our fruits are comprised of usually ONE ingredient, and if not, then very minimal ingredients. Our snacks contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Most importantly our production process is very minimally damaging to the natural fruit itself, unlike many other "fruity" snacks that undergo additives, damaging their composition, or are only flavored to be fruity.

Our slices are commonly used as garnishes for meals as well as beverages, alcoholic or non. They taste, smell and look just like their fresh counterparts, and are an ideal alternative where fresh fruit is unavailable or in place of crackers and candy.

We believe that healthy products should taste good, too. That's why we've been working hard to develop the tastiest flavors of our products and we haven't stopped working in this direction to this day.

Today, you can find something satisfying, depending on your tastes. Want something sweet and crunchy? Pick apples or peaches! Ready for something unusual? Then tomato and pepper snacks are your choice!

Our crisps are the ideal snack in between fresh fruits and other fruity options. They are as crunchy and satisfying as chips, with the ease of grabbing and going, while having the advantages of fruits nutritional values.


We have honed in on the best fruits for these crunchy slices. You can enjoy fruits on their own, coated in chocolate or seasoned with chili:

  • Original crisps. Our original crisps are one ingredient – the fruit itself. You can find them as a giftable package for a housewarming or host gift, or pair with a lovely wine gift. Or you can find them in smaller packs for your own enjoyment.
  • Chocolate crisps. We are very intentional with providing the best ingredients, even if it's just the fresh fruit or with our chocolate slices the chocolate we have selected.
  • Seasoned crisps. Love exotic flavors? Pineapple slices will make your day. They can become your snack or an unusual addition to your beverage.
  • Gifts. Our selection of gifts is set to grow, but in the meantime, enjoy these mindfully crafted boxes to pair with other food and luxury gifts.


We go through all the fruits, berries, and vegetables before putting them into production. Our quality control is like real casting. Only the best fruits from the best shipments are selected and put into our snacks.

Cleanliness is the key to everything. We rinse the fruit thoroughly so that they are clean and completely safe for further manufacturing in the USA.

We fully control the entire production cycle – from picking the freshest ingredients and vegetable drying to bringing products to the counter and delivery, considering international requirements. That's proved by quality certificates.

Our dehydrating process is unlike any other. With our experience and custom production technology, we have managed to turn our production into one of the most energy efficient, clean and raw processes available to these snacks.

Contacts and Delivery

We always love answering questions and providing information to our customers and interested guests. You are welcome to email us directly at order@dardimans.com or call our offices at (818) 849-5770. 

We offer domestic and international shipping. We encourage all international orders to be placed via email so that we can consider the best shipping options for your order. Domestic orders over $50 are free from shipping charges. All orders leave within 2-3 business days from placing orders. All orders are packaged to maintain the integrity of the ordered items. Orders with chocolate have added protection.


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