9 Fun Halloween Treats for Kids –(Lollipop Edition)

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Trick or Treating is no longer about who gives out the biggest candy bars door to door. Let’s face it, Halloween candy has declined in popularity because parents are become concerned about allowing their children to consume their Halloween bounty over the course of a month following the dress-up holiday. That’s why Dardimans has gone back in the kitchen and drummed up a special recipe of lollies, suckers and stir sticks that required a lot of California fruits, sugar-free ingredients, and a whole lot of Dardiman magic.

Before we unravel our special addition of 9 fun Halloween treats for kids, how about an introduction to our no trick, just treat lollies! Our suckers are made with a special type of organic isomalt – a sugar beet extract – that allows for guilt free licks! Each California crisp fruit encased in these delectable treats are held together with a solid, food-grade wooden spear with a rounded and softball tip. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for our bonus feature of the perfect ‘adult’ Halloween gift.


Sour Apple Lolly

The flagship fruit of the Fall season. These California grown apples are encased end to end with our organic isomalt. Let your kids mix these goodies with their favorite spice-apple cider! While others groan from all of the high fructose corn syrup junk food eaten on the holiday, rest assured your child is eating the healthiest candy on Halloween.


Pear Snack pack

We call these Werewolf Tongues during this spooky holiday season. The plentiful bounty of the Summer harvest has brought on the Fall delights within our California pears. A snack pack that neighborhood parents will be thanking your for handing out – and having your kids beg for more. These werewolf tongues are also best served with a side of cinnamon cider



Blood Orange Lolly

If ever there was a themed fruit for Halloween, Blood Orange surely takes the medal. Not only is there a succulent ruby slice of California grown blood orange awaiting anyone who is patient to not bite through the brittle, yet sweet isomalt coating, the look of this Dardiman lolly will make heads turn from your child’s friends. The perfect Fall, and Halloween themed treat for the whole family this holiday season.



Grapefruit Lolly

10 calories for a lollipop that has the most health conscious fruit inside is not a typo. The true value of this tangy treat is that kids will love the sweet lick of a famous citrus that usually isn’t found on their cafeteria menu. A fun choice of our signature home grown grapefruit this Halloween season



White Chocolate covered Blood Orange

The best seller of last year’s Fall season, Dardimans is proud to feature our California crisp blood oranges dipped in our signature organic white chocolate. Your kids will very likely throw their store bought candy away once they crunch this seasonally appropriate treat. Blood Orange is a favorite among parents and kids during Halloween for its name, and taste! Supplies are limited:



Kiwi Lolly

If only there was a way to capture the spirit of Halloween, the oranges, or green of a witch’s brew within that of a candy treat that is both colored themed with the season, and tasty for the kids to eat. Oh wait – there IS! The Kiwi Lolly from Dardiman not only has the pale green of the Wild Witch of the West, but it’s sour flesh make for a perfect way for your kids to pucker their lips as they lick this lolly to its core!



Strawberry Lolly

What we like to call these lollies during the Halloween season are “Witches Claw.” It makes for a spooky spin on a delightful treat. These giant California strawberries pack a tart flavor for trick or treating. Have your kids tell grand stories about the Witche’s Claw that they have encased in a puck of sweet goo – “muhaha!” –



Persimmon Snack Pack

Oh, the rich cinnamon spice flavor of our home grown persimmons makes for a favorite among kids. Our persimmon crisps are cut thick and pack a crispy, yet soft chew center – favoring the delicate bite rather than the bold crunch. A seasonal healthy snack that is usually one of the first to sell out for its rarity. Once your children bites into one of these persimmons, you’ll wonder how it seems as though nature created a fruit, just for the Halloween holiday.



Mandarin Lolly

The flagship fruit of Dardiman, and the most popular has made its way with its vibrant holiday orange to haunt the taste buds of your guests. The tiny and succulent pearls of this citrus fruit wrap around the isomalt coating to have your kids asking for more, more, more. The mandarin lolly was the best seller for adult Halloween parties last year as parents themed their cauldrons and Halloween cakes with these seasonally themed delights.



No Tricks, Just Treats Gift Box

When you’ve grown up you don’t need to wonder who gets what, and what mysterious candy awaits at the bottom of the bag. Since you’re the one making the decisions during this Holiday season, why not treat yourself to the best assortment of Dardiman California grown fruits with our seasonal, and finely assorted gift box. A treat for yourself with 12 of our most popular fruits, or for a present at the Halloween party you are going to attend. This gift has it all!



6 Comment(s)

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