Our snack packs are available in sets of 5 in our convenient snack boxes. Perfect for a week’s worth of healthy snacking!

Specialty Snack Box | Dark Chocolate Orange Crisps

Our orange crisps is the product that started it all! Pairs perfectly with salsa, ceviche, salad, hu..


Specialty Snack Box | Dark Chocolate Apple Crisps

Apple crisps are a perfect healthy alternative to sweets. Their granny smith tartness is a pleasant ..


Snack Box | Mandarin Crisps

Our mandarin crisps are our most popular citrus product. Crispers love pairing them with salad, choc..


Snack Box | Pineapple Crisps

Our signature pineapple crisps are Dardimans’ number one selling product. The chip-like texture is c..


Snack Box | Tomato Crisps

Our tomato crisps are aromatic and flavorful and can act as the perfect healthy alternative to tradi..