Tequila. Tequila. Tequila. You can never go wrong with some Tequila.

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To celebrate a great weekend in San Francisco after the Fancy Food Show, we toasted with Dardimans California Lemon Crisps, Nutmeg and Tequila.


Dardimans Lemon Crisps are tart like sour candy, but surprisingly not bitter! They can be eaten as a snack (for those daring), used as a compliment to cheese or incorporated into desserts. The most popular way to have our lemon crisps, however, is in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. At the office, you’ll find our water complimented by a few of these beautiful slices.


This time, we were going to have lemon crisps with something (arguably) better than water. We generously poured tequila over a cube of ice and dropped our lemon crisp right in the middle. With freshly grated nutmeg to top it all off, we were ready to toast to completing our second year of the Winter Fancy Food Show! Salud!

1 Comment(s)

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