Kids Run Up to Dardimans California Fruit Crisps!

We all know children are notorious for being picky eaters. Having healthy snacks they actually want to eat and even look at is challenging. Even those of us who are health conscious, find ourselves craving a savory crunch, one that unfortunately comes with added mystery chemical dust or a scarily long list of ingredients. Perhaps what fosters this desire is the danger that it can be easily satisfied with a convenient bag of chips or candy.


As conscious decision makers, parents and caregivers should strive to provide meals and snacks that have minimal ingredients and additives to better cater to the needs of growing bodies. With no additives, our crisps are considered a one ingredient mono meal.  Mono meals help the body more efficiently extract nutrients and energy from simple ingredients. For a growing, sensitive body, having mono meals once a day can help promote greater health and more valuable nutrients.


That is precisely why our crisps are an ideal snack. They are crunchy, delicious and nutritious in an all in one grab-and-go snack for your kids.

At Dardimans, we know that even simple snack preparation takes time, effort, money and energy. Our snack packs solve the ongoing dilemma of a snack that is both healthy and delicious.


Kids absolutely love our pineapple crisps! The chip-like consistency is complemented with the incredibly flavorful combination of a pineapple's sweetness and tartness. They pair perfectly with acai bowls, desserts and yogurt, and are also amazing on their own. 

- Zar. 3/3/17

  • Kids Run Up to Dardimans California Fruit Crisps!